Procedures to recreate breast fullness using autologous tissue either primarily or after breast prosthesis using the dual pedicle dermoparenchymal mastopexy and the deepithelialized transverse rectus abdominis muscle pedicle, as well as by Flowers. Graf and Biggs modification of the vertical approach that places an autologous tissue flap deep to a strip of pectoralis muscle to improve shape and maximize longevity of the lift. Modification of the vertical scar approach as superior pedicle and popularized with the use of breast liposuction. A further modification of the vertical approach with using a Y-scar vertical mammaplasty as an alternative to reduce further scar burden. a vertical scar bipedicle technique, a combination for minimal scarring and robust blood supply to the NAC, as a further option for mastopexies. Owl-technique combined with the inferior pedicle in mastopexies. This technique carries the advantage of the conization effect from the vertical reduction combined with a short L–shaped vertical-horizontal scar, and also uses the inferior pedicle flap described by Ribeiro. Singh et al advocate a Z-mammaplasty technique.