Pediatric Surgery

Template-2-final-2 10 Pediatric surgery is one of the broadest surgical specialties since it is defined by the age of the patient, not the organ system. Surgeons at Calcutta Cosmo Aid treat the entire spectrum of problems in children of all ages, sizes and maturity levels - from the tiniest premature infants to adult-sized teenagers. Template-2-final-2 03

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Template-2-final-2 15 Plastic surgery helps to mould any disfigured part of the body. Any physical disfigurement, whether from birth or acquired later, leaves behind a mental and emotional scar too. Till a few years back, this curse of ugliness was considered an unavoidable life-long stigma. But in today's modern era, unattractiveness cannot be accepted as a curse and aged look is no longer considered as a sign of wisdom.
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Why Choose Us?

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  • Pediatric and Plastic surgery available under one roof.
  • Afordable cost. In BHOWANIPUR KOLKATA.
  • Around 100% satisfied and happy patients.
  • Most of our patients our referred by our satisfied patients.
  • Co-operative and helpful staff.
  • Excellent infrastructure with modern instruments and equipments.





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