Diabetes is a curse for the modern society because there is a lot of stress, worries, sedentary lifestyle and fast food. Often this disease can be connected with hair thinning fragile hair, unhealthy looks and severe balding. Due to this, the less amount of nutrients and oxygen reach the upper and the lower extremities of the body, like the feet and the scalp areas. 

If diabetes causing poor blood circulation to the scalp, the hair follicles will progressively shrink resulting in baldness. Poor circulation may prevent further normal hair growth. 

So diabetes not only causes the loss of your existing hairs, but it also prevents the growth of new hair. It also can bring hormonal imbalance in the human body, and such hormonal changes may be manifested through hair thinning. Drugs which are used to treat diabetes may also lead to baldness and if you feel this is your case, consult your doctor because this disease may weaken your immune system, making it susceptible to other illnesses such as skin rashes and thyroid dysfunctions. Diabetes may also cause high levels of oxidative stress, hence causing “old hair”. 

If you are not diagnosed with your doctor then it is highly advised that you must take consultation from the doctor. As it is one of the lesser known symptoms and is often found only by medical checkup. 

So, if you need to manage your diabetes then you need to follow some methods: 

Improve Diet and lifestyle: Follow a healthy lifestyle, make sure you check your blood sugar levels regularity 

Take Medicine: Make sure you take any medication prescribed by your doctor. 

Reduce Your Stress: You need to notice how your body reacts to stress and must do regular activities and exercising to reduce the level of stress. Meditation is also very helpful to reduce stress.

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